Thank you for visiting the Vail Fit to Ride Webpage. As you know, Vail Resorts cares about your overall wellness and wants to help you achieve a safe and injury free season.

This webpage will provide you with tools to help be successful in the Fit To Ride Program. Learn more about the Fit to Ride program and your requirements by clicking on the Fit to Ride Program button. Navigate through the webpage to find information, videos and resources to guide you with the Fit to Ride process. Use the resources to help you stay fit while on the hill and during the off-season. Enjoy!

Move of The Month

Pushups are an integral part of physical fitness. It is universally seen as a test of your upper body strength and is a mainstay in most physical fitness programs.

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Wellness Tips

Summer is a great time of year to try fun new activities that you normally don't get to do! There's tons of things that you and your family can go do outside.




“We are excited to have such a strong focus on employee health and well being, and the Fit to Ride Program will really help ensure our professional instructors are at their athletic peak as they enter the ski season.”

Greg Willis, General Manager of Children's Ski and Snowboard School, Beaver Creek  

The Fit to Ride program has really raised the level of awareness for employees of the importance of our jobs and how important it is to be ready for our jobs! Skiing yourself into shape is a good way to get hurt!

Julie Rust, Vail Ski Patrol Director  

Pursue a physical life with balance- strength, endurance, flexibility- and watch over time how body and mind thrive thru the challenge of exercise!

Terry Wilson, Peak 8 Adult Snowboard Supervisor, Breckenridge  

Every day is about living well, guzzling from the cup of life, enjoying all nature has to offer… and often doing it as work (or at least at lunch), and being able to share all this with family, friends and our guests. Fit to Ride is about taking personal responsibility and accountability for my part of that equation, whether it’s for fun or on the job. It’s great to have our leadership and company focusing on wellness (so we’re better prepared to do all that) and safety (so we can keep doing all of it). The recent USAPCC bike race put the focus squarely on how lucky we are to work and play here, and how important it is to be fit to ride anytime, on any gear. Better fitness/wellness = more skill = more fun = many Experiences of a Lifetime (no one said it had to be one!).

Lance Wellbaum, General Manager, Golden Peak Adults, Vail Ski & Snowboard School  

The Fit to Ride Program and overall health and well being are like anything else. When you focus on it there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Brian Gannon, Ski Patrol Director, Heavenly  

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